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My Story

I am Lakshmi Kartik, a special needs educator currently working towards a Master's in High Incidence Disabilities at the University of Kansas.


I have a Bachelor's in Chemistry and a Master's in Computer Science. I started my career in the software industry, however, inspired by my experiences with my own daughter, I was motivated to pursue the ‘Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Teaching’ at Singapore Polytechnic.  

Being a mother and an early childhood educator has strengthened my inherent abilities, including patience, compassion, adaptability, collaboration, communication, time management, and myriad other abilities. My professional experience as an educator includes working as an early childhood teacher at Little Sparks Montessori Kindergarten in Singapore, where I strived to facilitate all styles of learners. To do this, I developed multi-sensory lesson plans to meet the needs of auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learners. I incorporated various forms of technology, learning centers, manipulatives, group work, and thematic units to teach new concepts and materials. I was dedicated to enabling each child to discover who they are and what they love while facilitating experiences that create an awareness of the world around them. I was also able to develop professional skills needed in an educational environment, such as collaborating with co-teachers, developing strong relationships between parent-teacher and teacher-child, and reflecting on individual child’s strengths and areas of improvement. I was committed to designing learning experiences so that students would make connections on a personal level and communicate effectively with one another through play. It is important to me that each child receives individualized praise and encouragement, ensuring that they remain motivated and do not become frustrated or quit. 


I’m grateful that I had the opportunity while working to teach a diverse group of children, including those with ADD/ADHD and mild learning disabilities. The experiences I gained working there enabled me to manage them more effectively so that they can not only engage in my lessons better but also thrive at school both emotionally and socially. These experiences have helped me blossom into a well-rounded and compassionate individual who takes each student's unique interests into account and creates effective activities to accommodate them.


I’m passionate about helping children “level the playing field”. This passion, coupled with my commitment to nurturing diverse abilities and helping children overcome disadvantages and inequalities, has driven my decision to educate students with special needs.


The interaction of my personal and professional traits has definitely made me embrace change, cope with uncertainty, and handle new challenges. I’m more culturally aware, open-minded and have a more flexible approach to life, allowing me to navigate difficult situations and adapt to new environments with ease. These rich life experiences have helped me grow into the person I am today, and I will continue to learn and evolve with each new experience I encounter.

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