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M4: Assignment: IEP Tiered Systems of Support

Assignment Brief

This assignment has three parts. It is designed to let the teacher/teacher candidate reflect on, and plan how to implement and evaluate an IEP.  The first part requires the teacher/teacher candidate to evaluate the quality of IEP goals and improve them.  The second part requires the teacher/teacher candidate to plan instruction and evaluation of learning across a multi-tiered system of support.  The third part is a peer review of a fellow teacher/teacher candidate’s instructional plan.  You will be provided goals and IEPs by the course instructor to complete this assignment determined by whether you are or plan to be an elementary or secondary school teacher.

Part 1 - Evaluate two IEP goals by filling in the table. (10 points)

  1. Read the IEP provided. Evaluate whether the goals meet SMART goal criteria (i.e., specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based). See SMART goals template. Download SMART goals template.More information about writing challenging, ambitious, and measurable goals can be found at the IRIS Center to an external site.

  2. Fill out the Part 1 template (see downloadable assignment) based on your IEP. You may choose two goals to evaluate.

Part 2 - Plan instruction and evaluate learning across a multi-tiered system of support. (25 points)

  1. Choose a goal from one of the provided IEPs. You will identify a goal that you will plan for.  You will  identify a Content Domain that would be appropriate for your planning activity (i.e., can the goal be worked on in ELA, Math, or Science/Social Studies?).

  2. Then, you will fill out the Part 2 table that shows instructional planning for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 instruction and supports. 

  3. You will identify appropriate and doable evaluation strategies. Your planning does not assume that you would provide the instruction in all contexts, but rather, you would be collaborating with other educational colleagues. 

  4. Review the rubric that will be used to evaluate your plan – in general, we are looking for alignment to the goal and the student, evidence-based practices, assessment that will inform instruction, and demonstrated awareness of the varied contexts in which instruction might take place.

Part 3 – Peer Review (15 points)

  1. You will be partnered with another student in this class. Your instructor will provide the partner match.  Your task is to review your partner’s instructional plan, evaluate it, and provide feedback using the  template Part 3 of the assignment.


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