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M6: Assignment: Plan a Coaching Conversation

Assignment Brief

Choose two of the situations listed and script a coaching conversation for each. Use the knowledge you have acquired in this module and the questions at the end of each vignette to inform you as you create the script for the coaching conversations.

  • Each conversation should be one to two pages in length

  • You will be graded on how completely you address each scenario and how you apply main concepts from the module

Elementary Educator in Need of Feedback and/or Professional Development

As you travel from your classroom to take a needed restroom break, you pass the kindergarten classroom. What you see as you glance into the classroom concerns you. So, when you return to your own classroom you take the time to complete a 5-minute observation of what is currently occurring in this kindergarten classroom. The classroom teacher is leading large-group instruction on the learning carpet. The students are sitting, listening, and responding to the phoneme lesson of the day; the form and sound of the letter ‘d’ is being presented with motions, verbal responses, and even song. The paraeducator assigned to this classroom is sitting on the floor at the back of the carpeted area, and sitting in her lap is Susie. Susie does not appear engaged in the lesson but instead appears to be snuggling in the paraeducator’s lap, relaxing.

During orientation, this paraeducator participated in a brief overview of the mandate concerning the privacy act and its application for all students, as well as the rights of students to be included with their peers at all time. But due to the limited time allotted to the initial professional development session, the majority of time was spent on an overview of specific disabilities of three students in this class (including Susie) and how to accommodate their needs to enhance their learning.

A loving paraeducator is a good thing, but Susie’s right to privacy and inclusion are being violated. Sitting in an adult’s lap is not a "cool thing" from the perspective of her peers; therefore, Susie will be considered different and babyish by these peers. Lap sitting is also not an adaptation that enhances Susie’s learning potential because she was not attending to the lesson.

What will you offer this loving paraeducator to improve both her knowledge and skill level? How and where will you address your concerns?

Secondary Paraeducator in Need of Feedback and/or Professional Development

A classroom teacher has approached you with a concern about his second-hour middle school math class. Paraeducator Miss Jane has been assigned to him during that class to offer students support under his direction; there are twenty-one students in this class, including two students with disabilities and one ELL student. Miss Jane offers the appropriate accommodations to all pupils except one particular student, Jonathan, and that support is bordering on inappropriateness. Miss Jane and Jonathan have a history together because she was his one-on-one paraeducator during his elementary school years. Miss Jane has formed a relationship with Jonathan’s mother as a result, meeting with her weekly for a chat and cup of coffee. Jonathan has no physical disability that makes it difficult for him to find the correct page in his textbook. He owns a pencil holder with plenty of writing instruments located in the front of his notebook. Yet, Miss Jane routinely turns his book to the correct page and gives him her pencil to use during the math lesson. When the teacher asks students to take notes, Miss Jane is taking those notes and putting them into Jonathan’s notebook (students earn points for maintaining class notes).

Jonathan’s academic team agrees that supporting Jonathan to become academically independent is one of his IEP goals. The classroom teacher has privately discussed with Miss Jane appropriate accommodations for Jonathan once and has documented that conversation. However, Miss Jane continues to hover over Jonathan, performing the aforementioned acts. The math teacher wishes for you, the special education teacher, to follow up on his instructions with this paraeducator. He also wants to know what professional development related to increasing a student’s independence level might be offered to Miss Jane.

As you think back to the paraeducator orientation presented at the beginning of the year, Miss Jane was offered professional development concerning student privacy and inclusion rights. Miss Jane has also participated in the academic team’s meetings concerning Jonathan when increasing Jonathan’s independence as a student was discussed. You recall that she was silent during those discussions and goal-writing sessions.

How will you follow up on the math teacher’s directives with Miss Jane? What topic(s) may need to be presented as professional development to improve Miss Jane’s knowledge and skills? How and where will you address these concerns?

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