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Happy Girl

Wish it. Plan it. Do it.

​Goals To Accomplish and to continually Pursue

  • Achieve my master's degree.

  • Continuously learn and keep abreast about teaching, school systems, resources and supports available, state laws, and the world of children.

  • Pursue a Ph.D. in Education.

  • Recognize and embrace the unique development and knowledge of each child.

  • Ensure social, emotional, and academic growth for every student.

  • Involve each child in the professional development of their learning.

  • Embrace open-mindedness and achieve culturally sensitive collaboration to provide the best possible early childhood care and education program.

  • Cultivate positive relationships with students and families.

  • Collaborate with other educational professionals to drive positive decisions toward the betterment of children.

  • Participate in the national NAEYC conference (National Association of Early Young Children).

  • Strive to be a better role model to coworkers, staff, parents, and, most importantly, students.

  • Advocate lifelong for individualized education for all students with disabilities.

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